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queen esther, music


This Rock n' Roll BlackGrrl's High Life

A Cautionary Tale

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TONIGHT'S GIG: JC Hopkins' Biggish Band featuring Queen Esther and Charles Turner at Minton's!
queen esther, music

Since May of this year, I've been in residency in Harlem every Wednesday at Minton's -- the place where be-bop was born -- with JC Hopkins' Biggish Band. Thanks to businessman Richard Parsons and noted chef/restauranteur Alexander Smalls, this legendary establishment has been revitalized and is now the epicenter of what many consider to be a resurgence of new jazz in the city.

It has been an absolute privilege to sing and perform in a space where so many revered musicians and vocalists have shined so brightly.  I am humbled to share the stage with so many gifted musicians that compel me to go further than I ever thought I would vocally.  All of that soloing from so many horns for so long has bent my ears in all the right ways.  There's no going back now.

I'll be at Minton's tonight with the band, along with vocalist Charles Turner, starting at 7pm. For more information, click here.

In the meantime, here's a slice of all of us, in action: J. Walter Hawkes the trombonist, accompanying me on ukulele with this timeless classic I Cover The Waterfront.