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queen esther, music


This Rock n' Roll BlackGrrl's High Life

A Cautionary Tale

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Everything Starts Right Now
queen esther, music

I got my new Black Americana album -- The Other Side -- this afternoon. I've been working on this music off and on and on and on for so long, it's kind of embarassing. Finishing it is the culmination of so much that when it finally got to my living room, I was so overwhelmed, I simply sat quietly and let this overwhelming sense of gratitude ooze its way out of my soul until all i could feel was pure joy. I didn't play guitar on this one (that's what's next!) but I did produce it and aside from three covers, I wrote the songs.  How this album came together is something of a blur. Pinching off of paychecks and tax returns. Calling in all kinds of favors. Bartering vocals for more studio time. Turning myself into a generic wedding singer. Whatever it took, within reason. And finally -- finally! -- it's finished.

All month long, it felt like Christmas Eve. And now here I sit, stuffing envelopes to send out a little of that "holiday" magic to the initial few -- the musicians who worked on it, my consiglieri Garry Veletri and long time loved ones in Texas and beyond.  It'll take a few weeks to get it up on CDBaby and all over the place digitally, which is why the official release date is May 1st.  The PR/radio push starts in April so there probably won't be any reviews in print until July or August, if I get any reviews at all.  But no matter. I finished it. Thank God Almighty, I finished it. The fact that it's done is so overwhelming, I'm not even remotely freaked out about anything else.

While I was woodshedding and spring cleaning waiting for the UPS guy today, I couldn't stop thinking about JefLee Johnson and this particular song -- because everything really does start right now.  It almost feels like he was telling me this as a statement of fact.

I've got a fantastic publicist and a radio promoter. I'm hyped, I'm ready. Let the games begin.

Oh - and if you'd like to hear what it sounds like, please click here.